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MOONROOT: an exploration of asian womyn’s bodies

we did it, y’all!

MOONROOT is an ongoing collaborative project about race, gender, and bodies that was born/e out of gchat conversations, love, and pure genius.   it was released yesterday at the baltimore zine bazaar and presented by (most of) the baltimore crew.


big ups to these homies for making this process beautiful: Sine Hwang Jensen (creator of our lovely lotus root stencil), Amy Dewan, Sun Hashmi, Marilla Li, Jess Kealiihoalani Toshea Mease, jackie wang (layer-outer of the zine! and the one from whom i got the bulk of the content for this post <3), mai c. đoàn, linda nguyễn, and Bhanu Kapil.

do you..

– want to donate seed money for future issues?
– want a copy with a fancy spray-painted cover?
– want to distribute the zine?
– want to give us feedback?

talk to us at moonrootzine@gmail.com!

also! if you self-identify as an API womyn/woman, trans, or genderqueer person, WE WANT YOU WITH US. please submit and/or collaborate with us, because we need your voice/vision/wisdom/story.*

Sine and Amy posing with newly printed zines

moonroot production factory (it’s worker-owned, y’all)

*psst.. nonster, stacey, nisha, manasi, mandy, aileen, zena, claudia, and my sisters… i am looking at you. ❤


from omar khayyams rubaiyat

sometimes i forget that strength, and the sources one uses to acquire it, go far beyond being able to pick up heavy boxes.

my mother is an international superstar

last night, at around 1am, someone called my house looking for my mother. as is usually the case when i am faced with a conversation in which i must use my broken chinese, i quickly passed the phone to someone whose chinese is fully intact; in this case, it was my uncle.

as i’ve mentioned previously, my mother is also a blogger.  except instead of telling stories about cool backpacks and bruises and the occasional sketchy man encounter, she tells stories about growing up in phnom penh, her experience during the khmer rouge regime, surviving a genocide.  maybe she even talks about being here, now.

as it turns out, this woman, a seventy-something year old from hong kong, has never met my mother, but after reading one of her non-fiction pieces, felt compelled to speak to her.

so she called.


new thing learnt of the day: in america, they call them buttons.




and now im a little bit obsessed with the button maker:

in my defense, one of my final papers is about whole foods (so i have a lot of whole foody literature around) and the mc donalds thing was lying right next to the maker, as if it was ASKING me to make it into a button.

and i mean, i guess i am mc lovin it.

the possibilities are enddddless!

realization of the day: i prefer calling them buttons over badges.

bladiggity blah, julian!

so i noticed that i haven’t really spoken about awesome asian women in my life.  this is just silly, considering that this blog is by and for and pretty much all about awesome asian women in some way shape or form, amiright?!  maybe i’ll start a series.


so i was catching up on my rss feed and i stumbled upon two gems, one right after the other.*

these two blog entries were written by zena** and suma,*** respectively–two awesome asian women who always make me laugh, even from afar.  and when i say laugh, i’m talking about some serious LOLs here.

if you couldn’t tell by now, laughter has been pretty hard to come by lately, what with the five degree weather, finals, upcoming performances that give me tension, bad dreams that lead to injuries, etc.  so these posts provided an immediate upgrade to my day, and i hope they do for you as well.

thank you to all the amazing asian women who continually upgrade my life!  this extensive list includes the lovely ladies who co-author this blog, our faculty sponsor who has not yet kicked my ass for not writing nearly as much as i should, everyone on our blogroll & all of our commenters (emaancipatuh, i’m looking at YOU), and of course, my mother and sisters, one of whom just had her birthday and is now officially out of her mid-twenties.


* seriously. read these.  laugh with me.  it will probably also make my title make more sense.

**when asked the top three foods that she will gorge on when she comes back from her study abroad in india, she said “CHEEZ. MEET. AND CANDY!!!!” also, zena understands my love for fried greasy foods like no one else.

***before suma graduated from mac, she would sometimes spend saturday nights at our place.  which would often mean SUNDAY MORNING PANCAKES.  mmmmm.

academia fail.

live blogging an attempted five hour energy thesis writing extravaganza:

current time: 2:24 pm
thesis status: non existent
research status: wikipedia based
emotional status: looking up, seeing that i just bought myself grape flavored five hour energy!
things pissing me off: warm huddled stagnant library air, blurry lack of sleep vision, an attention span that lasts for no longer than six and a half minutes.

current time: 2:54 pm
thesis status: two block quotes, one badly put together sentence. many many perfectly formatted headings with no accompanying paragraphs.
research status: if its not on jstor, it doesnt count!
emotional status: oh five hour energy, you can give me stamina but you cant give me happiness.
things pissing me off: the fact that its only three and the sun is already gone for the day.

current time: 3:10 pm

thesis status: writing this stupid thesis makes me hate my major and hate my country because we are completely politically inept and doing a pakistani case study is like reading a list of bad decisions made by highly unattractive and stupid men.

research status: why do i always leave stuff to the last minute? why do i only start working on stuff twenty four hours (or less) before its due? why do i always promise myself that im gonna do it different next time and then not change my work ethic at all?

current time: 3:36 pm
thesis status: unchanged
research status: unchanged
emotional status: apathetic, drained.

and then it all went to shit from there.


we got whopper juniors and fries.

small victories: taking off my crankypants

i made a vow at the beginning of the semester that i would invest in myself by staying warm this winter by any means necessary.  after three years of whining through minnesota winters, i’ve finally owned up to the fact that perpetually being cold has not made me any stronger, smarter, or more resilient.  all it has done is weaken my immune system and make me sniffly and gross between the months of october and april.

at times this has meant compromising personal values (like not giving in and buying uggs or ugg lookalikes) and throwing down a bit of money here and there, but for the most part it has been worth it, if only because it has lessened the frequency of my self-loathing.

so tonight, when londs kindly offered to pick me up some sweats from target (the same ones that she bought a few weeks ago and that i have been coveting), i jumped at the chance and even requested two pairs (unfortunately, they were all out of hoodies).  so when i came home and found a target bag on my bed, i picked up the one on top (dark gray) and immediately put them on.

mmmmm. soft and comfy.  what a difference warmth makes.

the nonster and i have had several conversations in the last few months marveling at how we finally ‘got things right’ this time around.  choosing only afternoon classes?  amazing.  finding an internship at an organization that i respect and whose work i value?  good job.  starting a blog with best buds?  great idea. living in a place where we get to control the heat*, starting a “boots” fund, purchasing not one, but TWO, pairs of awesome sweatpants–this whole warmth thing?  PERFECT.

and this might be a bit premature, considering that it has been unusually warm this month and so next month might be miserable and full of self-loathing, but that doesn’t change how proud i am of myself for making good decisions, however insignificant they may seem.

i mean, IT’S ABOUT TIME.

*this time last year, dan dan, ronster and i were living in an apartment where the heat was not turned on until well into november–please keep in mind that minnesota gets its first snowfall in mid-october.  to make matters worse, it would turn on and off according to the temperature in the apartment, which meant that it was never ever warm enough.