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this morning, there was a bomb blast about five minutes away from my house. apparently, our windows shook and everyone thought it was an earthquake until they saw ambulances and people driving like lunatics to get away from the scene. i slept through it as i had been up the night before catching up with project runway australia.

at work, during research, i came across a man who had lost his wife last year in a blast in islamabad. he has a blog in which he writes about missing her and his first eid without her and his kids and how he has dedicated his life to building a community for those who had lost loved ones in similar situations. i am consumed with this. it is paralyzing. it is makes me feel like my knees are wooden and my fingers are weightless.

this is difficult. this is incredibly difficult.


help! submit! make my day!

dear friends,

a very long time ago (think windows 97 and hotmail email addresses) i had a modest blog titled, ‘linemaroing’. to translate, line maroing = the urdu version of pick up lines, though the blog was a little more than that. the premise was simple, i posted one sentence everyday, mostly from conversations that i had or things other people said, and sometimes just a regular quote or a line from a song.  sometimes the quotes were funny, sometimes they were pointless and sometimes they were sad. i kept it going for about three months before i ran out of words and fell into my default lazy mode. but this time around, im going to try and do this right, and in order for that to happen, i need y’alls help.

im going to spend the new few weeks amassing all the quotes i can so that i have something to work on when this becomes a daily post situation. and SO, please, pretty please, if you hear or say something funny, or something odd,  or you see a funny sign or a bizarre song lyric, please send it my way to:

and i will be sure to send you a thankyouverymuch email and post your line and obviously credit you for your submission and be eternally grateful for your help. also, if you have a blog or a tumblr i will most likely at some point ask if i can use a line from your post and it will be most awesome if you say yes.

okay, i think thats it. im ninety percent pumped and ten percent nervous. lets do this thing buds!


any language works as long as it comes with an english translation

any format would do, think: screenshots of youtube comments, videos, blurry pictures, text messages, gchat conversations etc etc


theres a cafe in the east village that has a blackboard wall in its bathroom. last week, i wrote the words, ‘we’ll be okay’ in a moment of what was probably fatigue induced whimsy and the desire to experience some o-man-im-so-deep-and-shit sensations. i dont know why that phrase in particular has stayed with me, i dont know where i got it from, or why i repeat it to myself when life takes a detour for the notsoawesome, but there it was, and i left it there without much thought or intention. today, i found myself back there, and found that my words, much to my surprise, had been rewritten:

yes x ten million.

my hopes for 2011 are

that whenever people ask me how my life is going, i can mirror the sentiment of this guy:

so far, so good.

we’ll be okay


things that suck

01. when ONE squishy headphone thing magically disappears leaving you with only one functioning headphone. this in turn makes all walks only half as fun. also, these things cost 88 cents on amazon, but shipping will cost me eight bucks. obviously, the day i finally muster up the courage to buy the damn things is the day ill find it sneakily lurking under my bed.

02. when lies to you, and you wear your nice shoes out, only to be stranded under an awning while your hair begins to freeze due to the hailstorm THAT YOU WERE NOT WARNED ABOUT.

partly clouded my ass.

03. when boss lady walks into your work station two minutes after you were reading this:

and have now moved onto reading this:

04. forgetting your unlimited metro card at home and being forced to buy more cards THAT YOU DO NOT NEED.

05. painful lappy toppy deaths with no charger in sight. its like an epic race against time which always ends in, ‘nooooooooooooooooo’:

just looking at this picture (and that too on a fully charged lappy toppy) is giving me stress.

06. when you ruin your own day (see all above), which then makes you an idiot:

07. when 1 through 6 happen to you in one painful twenty four hour cycle.


from omar khayyams rubaiyat

sometimes i forget that strength, and the sources one uses to acquire it, go far beyond being able to pick up heavy boxes.