ten things i desire:

01. having the courage to tell the people i desire that i desire them. to do so explicitly, simply, honestly, and more quickly than i am prone to.
02. to not have to do my schoolwork. or at least acquire the focus i need to get it done.
03. to create more than i have been consuming. to be more active than passive.
04. holding someone’s hands.
05. energy to ride my bicycle all the way to downtown saint paul and back tmrw. fixing my bike to make things easier.
06. taking care of my home. really manifesting it to be the place i do not have to tiptoe around because there’s too much crap on the floor, or turn away from because of the dirt and dust pile-up. getting all my books in order. de-cluttering.
07. to tell everyone i love that i love them. in ways that make sense to both of us. not out of guilt.
08. sunshine. summertime. the air outdoors. waking up earlier and earlier. tanning. not giving a shit about fashion.
09. to have my desires returned. transformed.
10. feeling contentment. the way things are are the way things are. breathing. letting go of time. relaxing.


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