guest post by Stacey Michelle Liou.

It frustrates me SO MUCH that so many women misunderstand, are not familiar with or just don’t know about their own bodies.  I am grateful (nearly) every single day for WHR*, and it makes me sad that so many people are deliberately kept from accessing this information, or are given incorrect or biased information about their bodies.  It’s not even like, a human right that people should know about themselves, it’s a condition of life!  How do you survive and how do you love yourself if you don’t know yourself in the most basic way?  I mean, I listen to my mother and my sisters, pretty liberally educated (if liberal means sex is not as taboo…), relatively speaking, and like, there’s confusion about the uterus and the vulva/vagina and it’s not like I know that much but it makes me so MAD that this information isn’t readily accessible.  Or, that people don’t actively access it?  do you know what I mean?  I want to be active in reproductive/health education.

* editor’s note: Women, Health, and Reproduction, a biology-based course about women’s bodies.


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