to the one who always knows the right song to play

dear nonster,

remember the day we met?  of course you do.  we connected over pantene pro-v and mediums, the kind of silly things that make for a rock-solid foundation and a great story to tell.  we became the kind of people who assemble each others’ furniture and know each others’ tea orders, pick up on each others’ accents, slang, and mannerisms, and go on car adventures even when our destination is in walking distance.  we’re the kind of people who can’t get over how funny and smart we are, who hold on to our genius by saving gchat conversations, who read books and listen to music simply to have our hearts broken.  we’re the ones who cling to each other in madness, in sadness, in joy, and know that letting go doesn’t have to mean losing anything.

and today, this is what i want you to remember:

you are always, always, always braver and bigger than you know.

happy birthday.


ps.  for some reason, in my head, this is the song that characterizes our friendship.  i think you get it.


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