notes to self

2011 is supposed to be the year of big things popping, little shit stopping, and this is what that means to me:

– i want to choreograph dances at bus stops, in the shower, and while waiting on line for coffee.  i miss the days when my head was filled with never-ending soundtracks and songs on repeat, when my body moved in all the ways it wanted to and all the ways i didn’t know it could.  it was dance that taught me how to connect with other bodies, how to create and share space with other people, and how to hold me accountable to myself.

– i want to learn languages for bridge-building and not resume-building.  i want my words to connect, not colonize.  i recognize that there are spaces i will change simply by having access to them, and i want to find a respectful way to work towards deep, accessible, movement building that doesn’t infringe on anyone’s right to cultivating and preserving their own spaces.

– i don’t want to ever regret letting people in.

– i want to continue to find and build homes everywhere i go.  plant roots everywhere and you will feel grounded anywhere.  thank you, baltimore.

– i want to spend my days weaving social justice dreams and crafting radical love notes.  i had an intense brainstorm session with my supervisor-turned-mentor-turned-best buddy and we planted ideas together.  there is something to be said for always wanting better, and i feel it deep in my core–an intense desire to do better, make better, get better.   love better.

– i want to always fight for and with my communities and i want to be expanding all. the. time.  perpetual note to self: be bigger and stronger in voice and body.


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