theres a cafe in the east village that has a blackboard wall in its bathroom. last week, i wrote the words, ‘we’ll be okay’ in a moment of what was probably fatigue induced whimsy and the desire to experience some o-man-im-so-deep-and-shit sensations. i dont know why that phrase in particular has stayed with me, i dont know where i got it from, or why i repeat it to myself when life takes a detour for the notsoawesome, but there it was, and i left it there without much thought or intention. today, i found myself back there, and found that my words, much to my surprise, had been rewritten:

yes x ten million.


3 responses to “alternarratives

  1. o man this is sic!!

  2. i love this post. how wonderful it is to be heard and touched in such unexpected ways.

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