things that suck

01. when ONE squishy headphone thing magically disappears leaving you with only one functioning headphone. this in turn makes all walks only half as fun. also, these things cost 88 cents on amazon, but shipping will cost me eight bucks. obviously, the day i finally muster up the courage to buy the damn things is the day ill find it sneakily lurking under my bed.

02. when lies to you, and you wear your nice shoes out, only to be stranded under an awning while your hair begins to freeze due to the hailstorm THAT YOU WERE NOT WARNED ABOUT.

partly clouded my ass.

03. when boss lady walks into your work station two minutes after you were reading this:

and have now moved onto reading this:

04. forgetting your unlimited metro card at home and being forced to buy more cards THAT YOU DO NOT NEED.

05. painful lappy toppy deaths with no charger in sight. its like an epic race against time which always ends in, ‘nooooooooooooooooo’:

just looking at this picture (and that too on a fully charged lappy toppy) is giving me stress.

06. when you ruin your own day (see all above), which then makes you an idiot:

07. when 1 through 6 happen to you in one painful twenty four hour cycle.



7 responses to “things that suck

  1. At least your nailpolish is awesome?

  2. yeah!!! atleast your nailpolish is super awesome man!?

  3. i feel like your glasses are even more awesome.. i want!

  4. oh my god you have yellow nailpolish! i bought yellow nailpolish and then changed my mind after all the abuse over the pastel green

    and your glasses and your hair look awesome too

    and god damn the number of headphones iv ruined that way..without the rubber, your ears hurt

  5. good stuff… 6 points that sum up my existence on this planet

  6. aw nehuuuuu. *hugz*

    ps. let me know if alcohol cupcakes work out…? 😛

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