i think we are geniuses the way other people are superheroes; in secret

things i miss about my life in america:

01. incredibly enlightening (and i mean really, genius) conversations over gchat shared with roommates:

back story: we had been having issues with our internet. resetting it required going downstairs, a task that we were only sometimes willing to do.

oh also, i was watching too much 24 at that point, thus the coercive methods talk.

i took a class in the religious studies department this semester about atheism. i also took a class on evolution. my relationship with faith is still in flux.

blue dot = navigation device on iphone maps. also known as how we get around minneapolis when seriously lost.

have i mentioned that during this entire time we were under one roof, in two different rooms?

brav/bruv = slang used which basically means bro. its a long story.

2. sharing notes during evolution class about how awesome science is and how nerdy we are:

03. people doing weird things just for the sake of being weird and different:

this entire lady is made of butter. do not ask why, it only exists to be awesome.

04. nights that end like this.

05. travel companions.

06. things that get lost in translation in amazing ways. case in point: this south asian song i made my american buddys hear. its about the coming of spring and colors and longing and love. however, if you get to about the 52nd second of this song, it sounds like he just keeps on saying, ‘im awesome.’ true story.

now when i hear it, i cant hear it any other way.


3 responses to “i think we are geniuses the way other people are superheroes; in secret

  1. im awessommmeee toooooo

    and my brother thinks he is but thats only because i am

    i also love how you see awesome things..i wanna be made out of butter ..put to some use..because butter is awesome too

    i think you’re a superhero..its more special.

  2. I can’t tell if you telling me about the “I’m Awesome” thing has just made Josh better or worse for me. But any poetic value that Mausam ever had for me is….gone. Now I just think….”I am awesome….rangeele suhane….” and womp. Also, long live God chat.

  3. DooD! the I’m Awesome song was listened because you forced us to. There’s just nothing better then listing to ‘I’m awesome” over and over again when your day is either really good or rully rully bad!

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