dispatches from nyc

things i do here that i don’t do anywhere else:

– eat with chopsticks on the regular
– refrain from fast food consumption
– enjoy public transportation
– enjoy walking


back in nyc after many many changes of location over the last month.  enjoying my fellowship much more than anticipated, have already seen a bunch of friends upon arrival, and it has not even been a week.  so, i’m feeling pretty good, despite the fact that i am still living out of suitcases and there is no room anywhere for me to unpack my clothes.  i’m sure it will happen in due time.

meanwhile, i’d really like everyone to take a look at this video, which is pretty much how i’d like to feel everyday upon waking up and going to sleep, and i think you should too.  summer resolution, perhaps?


One response to “dispatches from nyc

  1. i love you dingdong

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