o jeez

dear  mr america,

dont tell anyone, but no one really likes you. have you heard about this? its a public relations disaster.

and i turned out to be a fickle friend, my loyalties waver as soon as my plane from jfk takes off. i used to feel bad about it, but then you put my country on a list of ‘countries of interest’ and now i might be strip searched when i land in new york in a week. is that the way to treat a friend sir? naked on account of my nationality? really?

i associate success with you, and freedom and independence and justice, but we seem to be in a fight and you appear to be giving me the silent treatment. all of the jobs i want to apply for are only open to americans and i get that, you want to take care of your own first, but is there enough room for me as well? and how much are you gonna make me hustle for this? and why, did i assume that it would be any different? oh obama, why were your speeches so damn good? why did you look so cute when you danced on ellen? am i so starved for actual governance and democracy that i just dove right into all your ideas of liberty and representation without realizing that they didnt apply to me? am i following horizons that arnt mine to romanticize over in the first place?

its all pakistans fault really.

and lets be real here mr america, i know you agree.


One response to “o jeez

  1. tinnied in the USA!

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