until we bleed.

valuable lessons learnt in 2009:

01. you cant jump on sand.

02. there can be no conversations without context.

03. accents are open to change (oh america, you have ruined me).

04. music snobbery will get you no where (yes miley cirus and tpain, im looking at you).

05. optimizing laughs/minute is a fruitful exercise that is worth investing your time in.

06. aliterations are amazing.

07. ‘because i want to’ and ‘because it makes me happy’ are very good reasons to decide to do things.

08. like/dislike of snow is directly proportional to traction capabilities of winter foot wear.

09. passive aggressiveness is unfair.

10. green tea = delicious.

11. writing publicly can be empowering and too close for comfort at the same time.

12. pakistan and india need to be friends, if only so that pakistani cable can broadcast mtv india again and i can continue to enjoy adds like these:

this guy reminds me of my kinda crazy (okay, totally crazy) and very very indian grandfather.


3 responses to “until we bleed.

  1. man india is full of actors. theyre all so good at it.
    i mean look at this man!
    where did they find him??
    i wonder if he’s still alive and what must he actually be like!

  2. optimizing laughs = always having neha in your life with the giggulz

    i was always upset by not being able to jump on sand..never got the feeling of flight you know, you just feel worse about yourself because you dont go high enough and your feet dont spring

  3. green tea is fucking epic!

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