just a warning: i suspect that for the duration of my time at home, reconfigureasian is going to turn into a food blog (at least on my end), because all i ever want to do when i’m in new york is eat (and cheaply, at that).

this is hotpot at shanghai tide.  there were 12 of us; that wasn’t even all the food we ordered. mmm.

after a meeting today, toby and i stopped by mei lai wah, a small eatery on bayard street in chinatown.  we both got baked roasted pork buns (char siu bao, pictured) and shared a steamed roasted pork bun and fried dough rice noodle roll (which i just found out is called zhaliang–thanks, tobes).  earlier today, we had congee with salted pork & preserved egg.

mm, i love being able to get two distinct meals for five dollars.


things to watch out for in upcoming posts:
– pictures of the bruise/bump/horn growing out of my head as a result of slamming a door into my face.
– a visit to paris sandwich bakery cafe and the chinatown ice cream factory


One response to “nomnomnom

  1. Whenever I was in NYC, I feel like all I did was eat. I ruined my favorite skirt with curry from a gyro. Oh, and gained about five pounds (Ok, maybe just two). But the food was good and cheap!

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