i’ve been in a weird funk upon arrival, mostly because getting here required pulling the first (and only) all nighter of the semester, and that has completely thrown me off. let’s keep this simple and stick to what i know, which is lists.

things i have done since being back:
01. complained extensively about jfk.  jfk, why are you the big, dirty, bathroom of nyc?
02. had all you can eat hot pot (including dim sum and dessert options) & drinks at shanghai tide in flushing for $26 incl tax + tips.  budweiser in a can always reminds me of my dad circa the 1990s, so there was that weird touch of nostalgia too.  this was a great boisterous dinner with some bestbuddies.
03. sat through hellish nyc traffic. twice.
04. ate my parents’ cooking. yummmm vegetables that are not doused in sauces or oil.  my arteries are grateful.
05. attended a meeting at congee village in chinatown, the second day in a row that i’ve had soup dumplings and congee.
06. got macaroons at babycakes, a vegan bakery on the lower east side, just around the corner from aforementioned congee village.
07. watched up in the air, starring george clooney, who is pretty swoone-worthy for an old white man. $5 dollar ‘wacky wednesdays’ at movieworld in douglaston plaza. oh, bayside.
08. had a tea tasting of delicious goods i brought back from tg with bestbuds.. followed by hours of “liao tian”-ing and unrestricted laughter.

it is remarkably easy to slip back into this life, but i am slowlyslowly remembering the reasons that i left in the first place.

when you leave, you imagine that you are leaving behind a you-shaped hole.  but then you come back and there’s stuff in it, and growing out of it, and even if there weren’t, your calves are bigger and your hair is shorter than they were when you left.. and you wonder if there will ever be a perfect fit again, and would that even satisfy you?

but i always want to come back.


One response to “arrival.

  1. ahh! your two last sentences are perfection. this isn’t quite a grammatically/contextually appropriate response but “AGREED!”

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