in transit (for real this time)

i have always liked newyork, because in this day and age, its very hard not to.

new york was my first introduction to freedom and to independence in its purest and simplest form. one summer in high school, a bunch of my friends and i came to ny/dc for some model UN make believe waste-of-our-time conference. the conference, as you can probably tell, was just a place for people called sean from wyoming to feel super powerful because he got to represent china during negotiations that made him huff and puff in ways that were seriously not a good look for him- but the post conference chilling with the crew in new york was arguably some of the best times of our lives. we were too young, we were too reckless: but we lived on thrill back then, and we were sincere in our consumption of it. and since then, ive had a soft spot for new york because it represented possibilities that very simply were unrealistic to aspire to at home. and now, as my relationship to this country becomes deeper and more complex, new york is central to my experience, and the way i enter this country and leave it. something about the first and last thing you see when you’ve been gone for a bit, that stuff is always the stuff that sticks in memory.

and i mean, the tall buildings and flashing lights are nice too.


2 responses to “in transit (for real this time)

  1. mannnn thats another really cool trip i missed!

  2. and we’re gonna do it again you and i

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