it’s weird to say this, but finals week has been just about the first time this semester that i have been able to breathe.  perhaps i say this because last week was particularly harsh, with tech runs for the fall dance concert taking up much of my time, as well as rehearsals for my hip hop performance class.  this week has been very much about winding down, as i shed many of my commitments layer by layer–my internship (which is over for the semester), hip hop performance, for which i just turned in a paper, the dance concert..

life is slowly starting to quiet down.  this morning i woke up without an alarm, and even though a part of me regretted not waking up earlier to study for tomorrow’s final, the rest of me was mostly glad to sleep in.

of course, this won’t last long since going home is all about the hustle and bustle of reunion.  i love that all of the plans i’ve made so far have involved food–all you can eat hot pot, all you can eat sushi, dim sum, one dollar plates of dumplings and buns, egg tarts, and froyo.

seriously, it’s all about food and public transportation.

i can’t wait.


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