i am angry that i had to re-write this post.

today, i am angry.

which means that this post is going to be both choppy and rambly, and i don’t care because being angry makes me plant my feet firmly and tell the world to fuck off.

i am angry at people who take up too much space with their bodies and voices, making me feel like i have less air to breathe, like i have to walk gingerly in places that i should be stomping around, leaving craters instead of footprints.

i am angry at being singled out for group failures, and being made to feel like i am less of a contributor, performer, and scholar than those who stand next to and alongside me; that there are clearly power dynamics at play here because you are older and louder and bigger than me; that you have tenure and i don’t even have a degree, which gives you license for criticism, however unfair or misguided it may be.  i am angry that you accuse me of not being fully present when you’re not even paying attention.

i am angry because this is being written on a blog instead of being shouted in your faces.


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