blame it on the ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taliban baby

dear mr taliban,

i have studied you for over three months now. i have read your speeches and sat through the horror of your devastation on google images and gawked at your ruthlessness on youtube. i have visited your sites and listened to people of all sorts talk about you, and claim that they know how you work and have figured out the ideals that prompt what you do. on wednesday, i am going to present your story in a class full of people that i have come to respect academically, and i will try to convince them of your rationality and your strategy and more importantly, of your success. and then, a few days later, i will hand in a thesis that narrates your ideas and your resources, every word of which i have struggled and strained over like never before.  your story will always be stitched to my academic career, and the way i ended my political science major at macalester.

you guys were my season finale.

thank you for the nightmares, the anger that i could do absolutely nothing with, and the eventual acceptance of the fact that you hate everything i love- and have so far been very successful at getting what you want, irrespective of the collateral damage.




4 responses to “blame it on the ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taliban baby

  1. this post sounds petrified, and distant, and stressed.
    its just

    i hate the taliban. i hate them so much.

    i cant wait till your done so your back to the giggulz.

  2. yup i agree…i miss the giggulz too…my life is so dull without them! come back to us giggulz!

  3. even i miss gigguling 😦
    not to worry saps two more weeks buddy!

  4. i hate them.

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