go steady with me.

resolutions for 2010.

  • call home frequently. be conscious of the time i have with family. tell them i love them. listen to their stories. ask them for more.
  • be conscious of the time i have with my friends. initiate, strengthen, and maintain relationships. be kind. push myself to be open.
  • take care of and love my body. go outside for sunshine and soak in vitamin d. exercise, really. meditate, maybe. get regular sleep. hydrate. cook more veggies, eat less processed foods.
  • start up queer craft club w/ abby (who hooked me up with craft supplies for my birthday! thanks!). make things with my hands. finish projects. allow room for creativity.
  • re-invest in on-campus activism. try to revitalize the women’s and gender resource center. re-energize AZiNe, my baby.
  • bake a new cupcake recipe every week. experiment with cookies, brownies, other delicious vegan items. bring joy to more people. try new things.
  • write. write some more. explore ideas and possibilities. synthesize thoughts. share.

ed. update: i forgot to include that i really want to graduate next year too? move on with my life.


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