bladiggity blah, julian!

so i noticed that i haven’t really spoken about awesome asian women in my life.  this is just silly, considering that this blog is by and for and pretty much all about awesome asian women in some way shape or form, amiright?!  maybe i’ll start a series.


so i was catching up on my rss feed and i stumbled upon two gems, one right after the other.*

these two blog entries were written by zena** and suma,*** respectively–two awesome asian women who always make me laugh, even from afar.  and when i say laugh, i’m talking about some serious LOLs here.

if you couldn’t tell by now, laughter has been pretty hard to come by lately, what with the five degree weather, finals, upcoming performances that give me tension, bad dreams that lead to injuries, etc.  so these posts provided an immediate upgrade to my day, and i hope they do for you as well.

thank you to all the amazing asian women who continually upgrade my life!  this extensive list includes the lovely ladies who co-author this blog, our faculty sponsor who has not yet kicked my ass for not writing nearly as much as i should, everyone on our blogroll & all of our commenters (emaancipatuh, i’m looking at YOU), and of course, my mother and sisters, one of whom just had her birthday and is now officially out of her mid-twenties.


* seriously. read these.  laugh with me.  it will probably also make my title make more sense.

**when asked the top three foods that she will gorge on when she comes back from her study abroad in india, she said “CHEEZ. MEET. AND CANDY!!!!” also, zena understands my love for fried greasy foods like no one else.

***before suma graduated from mac, she would sometimes spend saturday nights at our place.  which would often mean SUNDAY MORNING PANCAKES.  mmmmm.


2 responses to “bladiggity blah, julian!

  1. looking right back atcha baiiibyyyy!

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