academia fail.

live blogging an attempted five hour energy thesis writing extravaganza:

current time: 2:24 pm
thesis status: non existent
research status: wikipedia based
emotional status: looking up, seeing that i just bought myself grape flavored five hour energy!
things pissing me off: warm huddled stagnant library air, blurry lack of sleep vision, an attention span that lasts for no longer than six and a half minutes.

current time: 2:54 pm
thesis status: two block quotes, one badly put together sentence. many many perfectly formatted headings with no accompanying paragraphs.
research status: if its not on jstor, it doesnt count!
emotional status: oh five hour energy, you can give me stamina but you cant give me happiness.
things pissing me off: the fact that its only three and the sun is already gone for the day.

current time: 3:10 pm

thesis status: writing this stupid thesis makes me hate my major and hate my country because we are completely politically inept and doing a pakistani case study is like reading a list of bad decisions made by highly unattractive and stupid men.

research status: why do i always leave stuff to the last minute? why do i only start working on stuff twenty four hours (or less) before its due? why do i always promise myself that im gonna do it different next time and then not change my work ethic at all?

current time: 3:36 pm
thesis status: unchanged
research status: unchanged
emotional status: apathetic, drained.

and then it all went to shit from there.


we got whopper juniors and fries.


3 responses to “academia fail.

  1. i like how it says “we got whopper juniors and fries” and then it says “and we twist”

  2. and for some one who is such a writuhhhh and analyzuhhh and the way you describe mongistan to be all intelligent, so again – writuhhh and analyzuhhhhh it sounds absolutely unbeliewable that theres bare thesis struggling happening.

  3. BURGER KING FRIES KICK MCDONALDS FRIES’ ASSSSS! now i really want some too…damn!

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