small victories: taking off my crankypants

i made a vow at the beginning of the semester that i would invest in myself by staying warm this winter by any means necessary.  after three years of whining through minnesota winters, i’ve finally owned up to the fact that perpetually being cold has not made me any stronger, smarter, or more resilient.  all it has done is weaken my immune system and make me sniffly and gross between the months of october and april.

at times this has meant compromising personal values (like not giving in and buying uggs or ugg lookalikes) and throwing down a bit of money here and there, but for the most part it has been worth it, if only because it has lessened the frequency of my self-loathing.

so tonight, when londs kindly offered to pick me up some sweats from target (the same ones that she bought a few weeks ago and that i have been coveting), i jumped at the chance and even requested two pairs (unfortunately, they were all out of hoodies).  so when i came home and found a target bag on my bed, i picked up the one on top (dark gray) and immediately put them on.

mmmmm. soft and comfy.  what a difference warmth makes.

the nonster and i have had several conversations in the last few months marveling at how we finally ‘got things right’ this time around.  choosing only afternoon classes?  amazing.  finding an internship at an organization that i respect and whose work i value?  good job.  starting a blog with best buds?  great idea. living in a place where we get to control the heat*, starting a “boots” fund, purchasing not one, but TWO, pairs of awesome sweatpants–this whole warmth thing?  PERFECT.

and this might be a bit premature, considering that it has been unusually warm this month and so next month might be miserable and full of self-loathing, but that doesn’t change how proud i am of myself for making good decisions, however insignificant they may seem.

i mean, IT’S ABOUT TIME.

*this time last year, dan dan, ronster and i were living in an apartment where the heat was not turned on until well into november–please keep in mind that minnesota gets its first snowfall in mid-october.  to make matters worse, it would turn on and off according to the temperature in the apartment, which meant that it was never ever warm enough.


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