i am only as strong as the women who let me lean on them at times when i am loosing my way.

following the youtube/music thread:

thankyou mr timberlake, for giving my stressful feelings a voice and a tune. and uhm, for allowing me to be as melodramatic as i like.

and in case you need a happy song as much as i did:

(i couldnt find just the song so here are some kids dancing to it for good measure!)

thank you to the l word, and my bestest friend ever, for reminding me of how good this song can make you feel.


One response to “

  1. haveeee u seeen under my profile pictureee i have the lyrics of the song!!! I LOVE IT! and it’s such a HAPPY SONG!

    let that beat control your body!!! YOU AND ME THERE’S NO ONE WATCHING!

    am i the bestfriend mentioned in this post? or it’s monna…since we do have the same music taste

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