sorry mrs wilson

you know you’re loosing steam when you start craving for the ordinary: when you hope that things go just the way they are supposed to so that life follows an idyllic streamlined momentum that you’ve heard people talk about but never experienced yourself. when you start to contemplate excitement and look at your calender and try scheduling it between 6pm and 8pm on a thursday, that is when you know that things are probably more exhaustive than they really need to be and that all this perpetual juggling of ideas and responsibilities is seriously tiring out your brains and hands.

i apologize for all these tedious never ending sentences.

in my experience, tuesday mornings have a high propensity for being a struggle. less than five hours of sleep + needing to be out of the house by eight in order to make it to work by nine + needing to be ready for the whole day coz youi’ll be too busy to come home for forgotten items makes for a risky situation all around. some days, its small things like forgetting to take a water bottle with me, other days its more important stuff, like forgetting the paper i stayed up late to write on the kitchen table, or forgetting to charge my ipod- which means i ride to work without beyonce and alicia keys which is a truly sad sad state of affairs if there ever was one.
this tuesday, however, was not one of those tuesdays. i had laid out my clothes the night before, thrown a cliff bar into my bag, and made a playlist that was aptly titled ‘wake me up before i go go’. i left my room at two to eight, had my shoes on at one past eight, and filled up my water bottle at three past eight. with all my bases covered, i made it towards the back door, where my trusted travel companion, carlita, awaited me.

but my life can never be that seamless, as i unlocked the back door, i saw the neighbors cat clawing at the mesh door that separated me and him, and i felt the first set of uneasy feelings for the day.

now this cat and i, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. when we first moved in over two months ago, i tried to appear stoic and calm as he pulled slinky stunts on my legs while i tried and opened the back door, and the cat, doing his part, did not enter our house and  kept a nice comfortable distance when we brought in groceries and the like. since then, i had assumed that we had reached a sort of understanding- i would great him with a solemn ‘yo’ when i walked in, and he, would give me those staring eyes that cats are so good at, and our interactions would end without any major event. i began to call him mrs wilson, even though she was a he, even though i have no idea who mr wilson was/could potentially be.

so, back to tuesday morning. it was me, mrs wilson, and the mesh door that separated us on a chilly winter morning. in a mistaken attempt at courage, i opened the mesh door and made to go outside. mrs wilson, surely running his own errands for the day, sneaked into our house before my reflexes had a chance to react.

it was now seven minutes past eight.

for the next half hour, mrs wilson and i played hide and seek- but on his terms not mine. he sneaked into the kitchen and then into the living room, and i tried to corner him into leaving from the front door. but cats are quick, and im really really not. i considered giving up and just going to work, but i couldn’t just leave him here for my housemates to discover when they woke up. i thought about tempting him with food, but i didnt know what cats ate.

and so, there was me, saying things like, ‘hey hey hey mrs wilson you wanna go out for a walk with me?’ and then there was mrs wilson, giving me the silent treatment and taking a particular interest in my new super human boots.
this mess of a situation finally ended when i plucked up the courage, googled how to pick up cats properly,  and picked her up while whisphering ‘ohmygodohmygodohmygod’ on repeat to myself. by the time i left for work, it was almost eight thirty- just in time for morning rush on the 94.

i also forgot my ipod, and my water bottle, and parts of my dignity- but you had probably figured that out by now.
there is something humbling about having a cat cramp your style.
to end, a picture of dan dan from later on that day, happily picking up mrs wilson to deposit him back outside when he followed him in to the house after class.

note to self: take lessons from dan dan in cat badassness.

ps. if the title reminded you of this song, then my job is done here.


13 responses to “sorry mrs wilson

  1. hahahahaha how about I teach you how to pick up a cat the next time we have garden chilling? haha

  2. cutest photo of dan dan!!!!

  3. saps: no no please to be keeping that demon cat away from me- his eyes are too much for me to handle my friend

    ln: rightttttttt? super cute!

  4. i was looking forward to this one..

    between cats and i, there’s no respect..they’re inconsiderate and stubborn and rude and selfish..and i dont even wanna go any further..but they are evil evil creatures..

    and mrs wilson doesnt look remotely like anything i could potentially direct my affection towards, not even in attempt to be kind to his owner

    i wish i could tell my story like you have..its’ve got my thoughts drawn out in your words..

    as always, love your work

    also, i think you should write children’s books

    best part: googling up how to pick up cats

  5. i hate them cats! i hate them hate them! total hatuh when it comes to those possessed little furry demons from the other world.
    bare deep. bare deep.
    persians arent bad y’knows. atleast they have good costume on. so we get deceived into showing them of affection.

    recently my friend sammer got a persian kitten. because she was going through the i feel so lonely spell. and that little monster, when sammer wasnt looking! scratched my foot! and turned around and looked at sammer all innocently, so instead of a whack across her rear end saying ‘bad cat! bad bad!’ i got a glare and a ‘aww shes just playing how cute’


    evil brains.

  6. i love how we think cats are evil.
    and so cats are always she
    and dogs are always he.


    that thought just totally deeped me out.

    females are naturally evil?

  7. sorry! cant help but sharing this story either.

    so it was my first trip to newyork.
    thinking i look all cute i put on my short denim skirt with my jenny from the block cap.

    my uncles siamese (tommy) comes strolling in to the kitchen, and starts smelling my shoes like a dog. the next thing i know , tommy has jumped up my skirt!

    battle of the cats!


  8. Omggg. I tots remember this cat. You know nonster I don’t know how to pick up a cat either. The only animal I’ve ever held was little bud..! I think sabstuhh should give us lessons

    Also, I quite enjoyed this post. I could totally feel ur distress and annoyance and could totally imagine the googling scene!!

    Haha who wouldve thought could come in ur way

    Loveee you! And that’s a super duper cute picture of daniel! Haha

  9. cats rock

  10. omg i got censored… deep

  11. for what its worth, i think cats rock too

    and yes you will get censored if you use male genitalia as imagery.

  12. thats for calling my emmy names!

  13. thats for calling my emmy names!!

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