a different kind of monday

today i experienced the loveliness of waking up without an alarm.

i am by no means a morning person.  like, not even a little bit.  especially when its cold, i’m the kind of person who hates herself when she gets out of bed in the morning.  these days it hasn’t had anything to do with not enjoying my days or my commitments, it’s really just the feeling of disruption that throws me off, and it takes a few moments to re-center myself.  it took me years (and many crappy attendance grades) to gradually realize that morning classes are not my thing.

in high school and most of middle school i had a 1.5 hr commute each way, which meant that i had to wake up at 6am in order to get to school by 8:15.  during the winter this meant that the sun rose while i was en route, so it was as dark when i woke up as it was when i went to sleep.  i mean, talk about disorienting.

so it felt wonderful this morning to wake up without the jarring EH-EH-EH alarm sounds, to let my body decide when and how to start the day.


One response to “a different kind of monday

  1. whats cool is that i actually know how much trouble you have waking up!

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