hoarding it for home.

this weekend, i spent (probably) the last warm days of the year indoors nesting. it was relaxing and resting and glorious. i got to use neha’s all-powerful dust buster (thank goodness, because swiffers are not sustainable y’all.) not everything on the to-do list was accomplished, but enough linens and clothes were laundered to make me feel so fresh and so clean to begin a new week.

on friday night, a bruvluv dinner was arranged and spring rolls were made and good times were had. as the meal was my speciality (and my favorite! bò bía), i was coordinating cooking activities. this led later to comments of my elevation “from sous chef to master chef.” while i do not see myself quite at that level, i am reminded of how much closer i am to being my mother. which is not to say that much, but i have been able to overcome small fears since my foray into adulthood: the heat from the oven, the heat from the stove, the heat from the sink. i can feel my skin toughening. it takes risks and practice.

i have little to no career aspirations. the closest thing i may want to be occupationally is a librarian. (or in halloween costume custom for women, sexy librarian.) it’s senior year, and there are people who:

  • already have jobs lined up
  • are studying for the gres/applying to grad school
  • have applied for peacecorps/teach for america/[insert time-limited post-grad program here]
  • maybe need to consider their visa status (nonster????)
  • aren’t really/maybe kind of/sort of sure what to do/where to go

and i’m kind of floating around all of those possibilities. i’m not into imagining where a career might take me as much as i want to buy a house and settle down. and have babies (eventually.) and have nice things that look good. material things aren’t necessary, but desires are desires and i want to make a home on my own terms.

on sunday, i had a craft date with my friend abby. two years graduated, she lives in a house that is not quite hers, but has made a home that is all her own. she has a craft station with a sewing machine, hot glue gun, cordless drill, x-acto knife set, practically everything (besides mod podge.)

i worked on this jewelry box:

jewelry box

all of the jewelry pieces are from my sister, gifts from when she went abroad. last weekend, she bought me my first fancy (read: expensive) piece of jewelry for my birthday (a really fly amber necklace), and i’m already looking forward to acquiring more. not because i’m into jewelry (perhaps peripherally through a burgeoning interest in fashion), nor do i believe that i will begin wearing them with any regularity. it’s more that i’m into starting and growing collections.

i like themes and seeing the ways things connect.

right now i’m listening to mates of state’s first album, my solo project (big ups to claudia for turning me onto grooveshark,) and contemplating whether or not i should purchase tickets to their december show*, although i’ve already saw them earlier this year (and bought my favorite tee-shirt). they are probably the oldest/longest band that i’ve listened to consistently, and who still put out new albums (r.i.p. sleater-kinney) and all of their songs are starting to sound of settling because they’re a wife and husband duo. rather than listen to emo pop songs, i prefer listening to domesticated pop songs.



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