sundays make me emotional.

homesickness is not so much a disposition, more like a perpetual sustained lifesyle. its living with the knowledge that your life would surely be better if certain people were in its main cast, rather than making guest appearances over email threads and bad internet connections. its continuing to try and persist irrespective of these realizations, and convincing yourself that whatever you are doing in this weird foreign place  is worth the distance and the emotional drain that comes with it.





6 responses to “sundays make me emotional.

  1. i agree… but livin at home is also a perpetual sustained lifestyle… one of fear.. and that is just as draining i feel!

    miss you too NONSTUH!!

  2. i agree with sabstuhh!

    karachi isn’t what it used to be in the good old days, and its also changed a lot since the summer..sadly..ugh these tmen need to get the eff away

  3. blame it on the ta-ta-ta-ta-taliban baby

  4. as draining as living in fear may be…i feel like all you guys need to come back and become the main cast in my life again…thanks!

  5. no fear here..just intellectual stagnation

    and loss of independence..iv begun to enjoy cleaning the bathroom

  6. i’ll be the main cast once u START SENDING ME EMAILS! and stop forgetting about me

    bare deep bruv

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