friday five: library edition

top five feminists books*:

  1. when the moon waxes red by trinh t. minh-ha
  2. disidentification by josé esteban muñoz
  3. methodology of the oppressed by chela sandoval
  4. impossible desires by gayatri gopinath
  5. dictee by theresa hak kyung cha

top five fiction books**:

  1. kira-kira by cynthia kadohata
  2. the god of small things by arundhati roy
  3. written on the body by jeanette winterson
  4. the gangster we are all looking for by lê thi diem thúy
  5. interpreter of maladies by jhumpa lahiri

*like derrida, i have not read all of the books in my library, but i do hope to read these five books well.

**both of these lists are always works in progress.

ed. note: it is difficult for me to think about lists of books because really i’m more into articles and stories. and because i have a hard time remembering the things regardless of how much i like them. so these lists are actually just books that i appeared in my life more than once and stuck around. i am catholic; i need repetition.


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