this weekend, i finally made it out to the mall and got myself my first pair of hardcore knee length leather boots. november is here and every warm-ish (anything above fourty five qualifies) snow free day is an unexpected yet completely amazing treat. but ive been here long enough to know better: the snow and the cold and the why-do-i-go-to-a-school-in-an-icebox sensations are not far away, and its about that time when you look at your wardrobe and think about how to better cope with winters that are both physically devastating and kinda sorta really depressing. this is the time to buy a new pair of gloves, finally invest in a hat and seriously think about investing in those wool socks that londa says changed her life.

my relationship with boots is still relatively new. i bought my first pair of boots my junior year; they were black and utilitarian and were completely covered by my jeans when i wore them. you see, junior year i was still feeling the straight jeans look, which was after my phase with flared jeans. this year, i transitioned into skinny jeans, despite fears of unleashing the thunder thigh phenomena. skinny jeans, are ideal for boot wearing as shoving your jeans in boots can be a bit of a mission when theres a lot of fabric involved. and so, i went ahead and bought my first real boots and damn, can i just say, i am in love with my new boots.

sure, they are warm and sturdy and thats great and all but thats really not what makes me love them. my boots are kinda like my cape, when i wear them i feel invincible and strong and very grrrrrrr all around. im not entirely sure why this happens, maybe its the dhug dhug noise i make when i walk (which can be a bit much- im working on a walking technique that reduces the severity of the noise produced) or the fact that my feet have never been dressed up this fancy- but i really do feel quite captain planet-esque when i put them on.

in my sociology of culture class we’ve been looking extensively at advertising (worth watching documentary about it can be found here) and have been looking at the ideas and myths that are projected onto goods in order to make them sell. stuff like diamond ads selling romance and true love and car ads selling masculinity and aggressiveness. i cant help but think that im buying into something similar, that there is no real reason for boots to make me feel this good and i too am just another loyal worshiper of mr capitalism even though i really should know better than that.

im thinking of naming my boots, as i tend to name many non human things that i adore.
suggestions are strongly encouraged.



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  1. Haha. I remember those shoes from when you came by the house. I dint know they were new! Nice Nice.

  2. i bought 2 dresses

    feelings similar to makes me feel good about myself

    i look small..and i feel pretty in it

    and it reminds me of when my hair was curly and i have no reason why my dress would make me think that

    and i felt sexy..iv never ever . EVER. felt sexy

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