my beautiful beautiful school has recently received bomb threats by the one and only mr taliban and has been shut since last tuesday.

what the hell is going on?


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  1. honestly, the state pakistan is in right now just saddens me. i don’t understand what can be done. we tried moving the taliban out of the country when they were in swat – look how many consequences we’re facing.

    today at work i opened and was telling my co-worker how i expected a news of a bomb somewhere in paksitan…and ofcourse there was a rickshaw suicide bomb in peshawar..

    the main reason for the bomb threats of schools is the taliban’s lack of brains to understand that WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO BE EDUCATED! i’m not saying pakistani’s are in any way capable of thinking that men and women are at the same level right now, but atleast every pakistani believes that their daughter has the right to get an education – look at our servants – all their daughters study until they are married off or something..

    i don’t even know what to say honestly, because i’m struggling with the way out of this dilemma we’re currently facing…the government is obviously to blame but slowly things are even falling out of their control

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