i am very hard on myself. but then again, everyone is.

today, as i sat in one of my favorite seats in the whole wide world, one of my best buddies texted me, telling me about how he had heard innocent by our lady peace at the gym and has since become a little reobsessed with the song. it was one of those on repeat situations. it involved his high pitched singing that (apparently) makes all the ladies go wild.

a side note about my friends: we blew up like fireworks all over the world after finishing high school in hot sticky and repressed/wonderful karachi. the weird thing about growing up in a place with nothing to do is that you end up hanging around and talking for a large chunk of your childhood. what results, is a very tightly knit group of people who lean on each other in kind and character- and in times of elation and distress. we maintain communication through facebook and gchat and scratches on calling cards and the one and only bestthingever, skype. this paragraph has no purpose. and thus no ending. so i guess i will end it here. lets just say, i luv my bruvs, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

anyway, back to our lady peace. after reading his text, i proceeded to play the song on my laptop and let it remain playing on loop while i faithfully spent my time  fifty percent gchatting and fifty percent paper editing. sabinder (not my friends name, but i wish it was) would text me a line, and i would reply with the next till we reached a texting frenzy and i became the weird girl who was laughing all by herself in a room full of people who appeared to be studying. a lot of the music i listen to has strings attached to them, every song makes you remember a certain time and a certain place and certain people. this song, was puberty and recklessness and the strange technicolor that youth (and thus my remembering of earlier versions of it) can sometimes be in. there are other songs like it, aerosmith comes to mind for some reason, and blink 182 and incubus. this was after i was too cool for the backstreet boys and before the dip i took into floyd and U2.

i dont know how much i have in common with the person i was when first i listened to this song, surrounded by sand and salt, consumed with school and clunky black shoes and the wonders of eye liner. but today, with a little help from from an angsty alternativeish rock (?) song, i could have sworn that my day was in technicolor for a little bit.

if you have a song that reminds you of some past life of wide eyed excitement, put it on the next time you have to do something that you kinda sorta really dont want to do. it spices things up a little bit.


One response to “

  1. sabster and i have the fix you connection

    and youve had me playing innocent on repeat

    come back home with me

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