in which i talk about (not) exercising

i have been feeling powerful in my body lately.

since i started working a few weeks ago, i somehow unwittingly developed what one co-worker has coined “tea garden arms,” which is to say that my arms have become remarkably more toned (the right more so than the left–i need to start pouring drinks with my left).

yesterday, during a slow period at work, i decided to take this a step further and come up with a TG fitness routine.  it would include many of the usual equipment-free exercises, like dips, lunges, squats, etc.  naturally, the point of any themed fitness routine is to include objects and furniture in the surroundings, so of course we will be using full plastic syrup containers as weights.  lifting buckets of ice and/or tea and ginormous jugs of fructose would also be part of this routine.   perhaps during very slow periods running up and down the stairs in the basement would be good–you know, for cardio.

suggestions, anyone?


One response to “in which i talk about (not) exercising

  1. You should have weights on your wrists!

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