dear body,
thank you, for recovering- for doing what you do that gives me back my ability to taste and smell and see without my eyes getting watery and my tongue getting dry. today, i drank tea and tasted mint and ginger instead of just warmth and perceived flavor- it was marvelous. i had energy and woke up with ideas and interests that had been compromised on account of  sneezes that felt like my brain was being vacuumed and coughs that woke me up from sleeping.
i do not know how you work and how you mend when you are injured, but i am in awe and appreciative of these processes and the ways in which you return back to what i have come to recognize as the normal functioning of my bones, muscles and reflexes.
i need to take more biology classes in order to address the way i often romanticize the way bodies function. perhaps learning more will make this communication simpler, and less dependent on words and more reliant on signals.

dear brain,
do not make the decision to stand out in the cold for an hour ever again without the necessary hat/ear muffs/real boots combo, whatever the stakes. this is a nation that values efficient bodies, not ones that are compromised with congestion or bogged down with fever.
do not let the fact that sick people are treated like lepers in this country impact whether you want to stay here after you graduate.

dear friendswhoarenowfamily,

thank you for the tea, soup, cough drops and kindness.


One response to “01.

  1. aww… glad you are feeling better. it seems like everywhere someone is getting sick. in fact, we even got some sick visitors staying over these past couple of days. it was still fun. definitely don’t let the fact of leper treatment of some make you not want to stay here.

    i like what you wrote about relying less on words and more on signals. good or bad, sometimes we forget the gestures and only hold onto the spoken words.

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