chasing pirates.

i recently got a new laptop and have not yet transferred over my music collection (provided my external hard drive stops being fickle.) as such, i’ve taken to listening to podcasts available on itunes. a lot of them. it’s starting to wear on me. i need less updates on current events and pop culture referents and recipes paired with wine, and more melodic repetition.

i enjoy listening to music, and do so often when i can. (i also enjoy writing ‘i’ statements, too, apparently.) it feels good to turn on music loudly and pay real close attention to the point of near sublimination. it feels good to listen to a new song and play it on repeat and sink into it.

i don’t share stories often, but one thing i do like talking about is my musical history, and every time i tell it, i usually learn some new memory from it, which eneviably takes me on a youtube spiral. and i’ll be sure to tell that story here sometime, when i have the time, but it’s bed time, and i’ve been listening to the newest single from norah jones.

i feigned heterosexuality one time and got to see her free in concert at the berkeley amphitheater. it was glorious.


One response to “chasing pirates.

  1. yes, beautiful song.

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