can’t sleep, i’ll make it to the dawn.

this weekend i prayed for immaculate conception, but instead received my period with the season’s first snowfall.

to continue with the thread of bodies moving through space and place, i would like to bring to your attention the recent youtube video of two women fighting on the san francisco muni. (you can easily search for it if you’d like, but i’d rather not link violence.) when i watched it, the asian lady instantly reminded me of my mother. most asian ladies do, particularly those who look tired of/from being overworked and underpaid, maybe sad and slightly lonely. a pang struck my heart.

but check it. asian ladies are tough as fuck and take no shit, though not always in the best ways. the situation depicted in the video is complex and ultimately tragic, and the context is undefined, but here are some of my quick reactions:

01. oh, humanity.

02. is the space of the bus a non-place of modernity? do we lose the capacity to communicate and treat each other civilly? can it ever be a place of rest? i am always hyper anxious when entering, riding, and exiting a bus, and want only to make it to my destination in a timely and uneventful manner. i do not believe the public bus to be a problem site so much as it is a symptom of the social relations of our world (and by world, i mean metropolitan areas of the united states).

03. language. how do we communicate and expect others to communicate and respond and react? it is obvious that both are trying to say something, though exactly what may not be getting through to the other party. it is also striking that the words in english that the asian lady deployed are “you are stupid” and “fuck you” and she is saying them with as much force as she can muster. where did she learn these words and how to use them in these situations, and why do we believe we can shore up power through screaming them at others? it doesn’t work, but we are trying.

04. community. why is no one intervening? i doubt i would. what is my call to action in community building to proactively guard against this from happening again and again and again, instant replay?

05. my mother recently lost her license due to a traffic accident (no injuries inflicted expect to herself) and it is unlikely that she will get another one anytime soon, as the tests conducted in our state are electronic and english only. it is also highly unlikely that she will take the bus since public transportation in our area is shitty and suburban, but what if? what if my mother got on the bus one day and got into a fist fight and was captured on video that went viral on the internet?

06. i may need to unsubscribe from peggy wang’s buzzfeed.

to pick things up, i present to you my favorite youtube video featuring an asian lady — native korean rock: “day go by”


One response to “can’t sleep, i’ll make it to the dawn.

  1. i very much enjoy this video. how beautifully she moves. a good relief from the two women fighting. but i’m glad that asian woman fought back even though it may have made her look ugly to many people. better ugly than weak, no? imagine if she had cried instead after the first punch.

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