come to the orchard in spring
there is light and wine
and sweethearts
in the pomegranate flowers
if you do not come
these do not matter
if you do come
these do not matter

– rumi

things I am thinking about and would like to write about:

.5. the ocean. salty air. sandy toes.


01. bodies in travel. how bodies change upon arrival at new destinations. how bodies stiffen at immigration, how they cramp over long distances. how eyes adjust to time differences, how skin gets used to new temperatures. when i leave karachi i am your daughter and your friend, when i reach abu dhabi i am displaced and disconnected. in new york i am active and alert and try to keep up with new paces and new urgencies. in saint paul i am landed and comfortable and realigned. do bodies understand boarding cards and visas and customs? do bodies understand the limits of borders and the expanses of oceans?

02. bodies in rest. sleeping, and why it can be so difficult sometimes. nightmares. reoccurring nightmares and the distraught that it brings, sleep cycles. snoring. sleep patterns and sleepless nights.

03. injured bodies. swollen ankles and stiff necks. burdened brains and slumping shoulders. headaches.

04. eyes.

05. my weak weak eyes.
06. i have my mothers eyes, shoulders and fingers.
07. and hair.
08. thank god because my dad has very little hair left.
09. the fact that i miss brown bodies.
10. especially the ones that look like me.

11. bodies in competition. sports. aggressive bodies.
12. our bodies eating other bodies, my recent aversion to beef, my uncontrollable love for chicken tenders.
13. the fact that i will never succeed at being a vegetarian due to aforementioned love of chicken tenders.


14. my unhealthy relationship with the colonizers.

15. music without lyrics and the inclusivity that comes with it.

16. the fact that my mind can never focus on one thing for long enough so that i can write about it.

17. oh oh oh and him:



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  1. 03. injuried bodies

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